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The Fake Librarian

I am the branch head of a small town library in Florida. I tell my patrons I don't read adult books yet (sort of true..I just prefer YA books).


Marie Lu nails the ending to her Legend series.  Thanks to the success of The Hunger Games series, dystopian novels are a dime a dozen for the young adult crowd. This often leaves authors looking to make their mark, often at detriment to the story (or the fans, ahem, Allegiant).  Lu does not make this mistake.


This was a series that I could not put down.  I started reading Legend, just before Champion came out, and immediately knew I had to get my hands on the rest of the series.  


By the time we get to the third book, June and Day have done a lot of growing up, and it shows.  This is reflected in their decisions and in how they are treated by the "adults"  they interact with.  No one is trying to pull the wool over their eyes anymore.  Even though I love the dynamic between June and Day, I still found myself rooting for June to push the line with Anden (the Elector).


 A lot is at stake in Champion, with the very freedom of the Republic in the balance.  Day's health deteriorates, and we find out more about the rest of the world.  We get plenty of action, a little heat, and a very satisfying ending to a fantastic trilogy.  If you're looking for your next dystopian read, I highly recommend this series.  Appropriate for mature middle schoolers and up (I said there was a little heat), READ THIS BOOK.