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Like a rat in a maze..

The Maze Runner - James Dashner

Ok, so I know I am a little late coming to this trilogy.  After all, Maze Runner came out in 2010.  To be fair, I wasn't in my dystopian phase at that time.  However, I know the film version comes out this fall (with Dashner writing the screenplay), and my patrons will be curious about it, so here I am.


We learn about the maze along with the protagonist Thomas.  He has been transported to this place, the Glade, with the memories of his former life wiped from his brain.  Except, not quite.  He has niggling feelings, thoughts that fight hard to connect at the edges of his mind as he learns about his new home.  Everything starts to change at his arrival.  


For me, the first part of the story was a bit slow paced, and I really appreciated when things picked up toward the end.  That said, I enjoyed the novel as a whole.  I learned some Glader slang, felt disappointed when characters seemed to lose hope, and clung to hope that the mystery of the maze could be solved.


I look forward to see the world building that Dashner does for part two.