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WICKED is good

The Scorch Trials (Maze Runner, #2) - James Dashner

Sigh.  It still took me much longer than I would have liked to finish this book.  I don't know what it is with this series, but it seems to take me FOREVER!  Usually, if I like a book, I'm done in a day or two.  I DO like this series, but it is not without some issues for me.


The Scorch Trials picks up exactly where The Maze Runner leaves off, and the Gladers are in for a shock.  As the title indicates, the trials continue for these poor teens who have already been through so much.  The second book doesn't allow for much character development for our existing cast, but does offer up a few new faces that provide some interest.


Advancing the plot seems to rely heavily on Thomas either falling asleep or going unconscious, which serves its purpose but does seem a little contrived in some of the situations.  Also, not many of the questions raised in book one are answered, and book two adds many more, but such is the nature of trilogies.  I'm certainly still interested in the story, the concept is unique, and I'll read on to see how the questions get answered in part three.  I just won't be rushing to pick up the next book until I've read a few others on my shelf.