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Hold On To Your Sunsuits

Burn Out - Kristi Helvig

I got my hands on an ARC of this YA novel thanks to the publisher and moved it to the top of my to-read list.


Burn Out is the story of Tora, who just might be the last person on Earth after the sun has reached red giant status thousands of years ahead of schedule.  She hopes that she can get off the planet before her supplies run out.  That means relying on other survivors who made it off of the planet already.  Turns out, trusting people can be quite dangerous.


Tora is a strong, spunky, intelligent character with a great survival instinct.  Sometimes those pesky teenage feelings just happen to get in the way.  The cast of survivors are interesting and multidimensional.  You can never quite tell what anyone's true motives are which helps add some depth to the storyline.


A few gripes - One of the survivors has a unique way of cursing rather than using the typical 4 letter words which I appreciated.  However, the few times the other characters used the REAL four letter words I found them a little jarring and unneeded to support the emotion of the story.  Also, I felt the final scene could have gone just a touch further before leaving off for the next book in the series.


Definitely pick up Burn Out when it comes out in April.  I found it a quick and enjoyable read.  Now I just have to hope that Helvig is able to put out a quality part two soon!