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The Fake Librarian

I am the branch head of a small town library in Florida. I tell my patrons I don't read adult books yet (sort of true..I just prefer YA books).

Why Free E-Books Change The Game

Being that I run a public library, I already have an endless supply of "free books" at my disposal.  I always have a few checked out to read, and I always get graphic novels for my husband (they just don't seem to have the same feel digitally).  That said, I am still a sucker for a free e-book.


 I am spoiled and have access to both Nook and a Kindle and I LOVE seeing books pop up on the free list.  I religiously check out Barnes and Noble's Free Friday offerings, and search often both on amazon.com and bn.com for new freebies.


How are these free e-books a game-changer?  I can't count how many new authors I have found and really enjoyed thanks to these freebies (and then have followed up by spending a little $$ to read other books).  I discovered Amanda Hocking before she had a single book in print, and then ending up buying the rest of her Trylle series.  Thanks to some timely new release free books and ARCs, I've actually been able to add some of these books to my branch's collection because I KNOW they are good.  


Publishers take note...take advantage of this inexpensive and easy to manage medium to get the word out about your new authors!