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I am the branch head of a small town library in Florida. I tell my patrons I don't read adult books yet (sort of true..I just prefer YA books).


Mind's Eye - Rebecca A. Rogers

Mind's Eye proves you can never have too active of an imagination.  Kearly, our main character has the ability to travel anywhere she wishes, as long as she can imagine it.  Not a bad talent, and a great escape from her not so great home life.  Unfortunately, there is a big bad out there who believe that her talent is dangerous, and want to rid her (and others like her) of their abilities AND their imaginations.


Kearly is a stubborn teenager who hasn't had the easiest childhood. Her mother is a chain smoking drunk who barely registers that her daughter exists unless she needs a chore done.  Kearly has lost almost all connection to her mother  and refers to her by her first name.  Despite this, she mimics some of her mother's worst behaviors (smoking and drinking).  She doesn't care about school, merely using it as an excuse to get out of the house and see her friends.  She doesn't seem like she has much direction.  That is, until her imagination is invaded by Dom, a Realist who tells her she can't escape to her dream worlds anymore.


Dom remains a mystery man throughout book one.  We think we know where his loyalties lie, but can't be sure as we don't learn much about him.  I'm hoping that he'll get fleshed out more in book two.


My one complaint lies with how Kearly meets up with a boy she just yelled at in front of the entire cafeteria (and shared some pretty juicy details about his extra-curricular activities), in a secluded place, after dark, alone.  Now, she seems to have a pretty good survival instinct, with this exception.  I can't help wondering if a more believable encounter could have been implemented.  Not a back-breaker, but this was a detail that niggled at me as I thought of how to review this book.


I enjoyed this book (a little different than my normal dystopian reads) and read it in one sitting.  I would recommend picking it up if you enjoy a little light YA sci fi/fantasy and a quick read.