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I am the branch head of a small town library in Florida. I tell my patrons I don't read adult books yet (sort of true..I just prefer YA books).

The Here and Now - a time travel book for the non scifi reader

The Here and Now - Ann Brashares

Thanks to NetGalley I was able to read an advance copy of Ann Brashares The Here and Now while I was cruising around in the Caribbean last week.


This YA book is a great light sci-fi read.  It lightly brushes over some of your basic time travel rhetoric (don't alter the course of history) without going into those nitty gritty details that could drive you crazy.  It has a little adventure and a little love story.


Prenna and her people have traveled back in time to escape a decimated planet and a blood plague that is spread by a simple mosquito bite.  They live within society and yet are not truly a part of it as they have to be careful about how they interact with "time natives."  The leaders of her people are supposed to be working to help the world avoid the future they come from, but Prenna discovers that perhaps the leaders don't always do what they say.


I love Prenna as a character.  Her "I can do anything no matter what you say" attitude makes her every bit a teenager.  Her crush on her classmate despite all the rules against it proves she's human.


The book comes out on April 8th, and it is definitely worth a read.