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I am the branch head of a small town library in Florida. I tell my patrons I don't read adult books yet (sort of true..I just prefer YA books).


Panic - Lauren Oliver

A great YA read!


Though a little out of my normal range of topics (no dystopia here), I enjoyed Panic. Both Heather and Dodge, the main characters have home lives that are less than desirable. They also both have very personal reasons to want to win Panic, an annual thrill event that graduating seniors play for money in their small town.


Each of the characters has a moment in the story that makes you just stop and take a moment. The story carries themes of desperation, friendship, and strength.


Heather is a lead character that tugs at your heart strings.  All she wants to do is get out of Carp, her small hometown, but she has no real plan for her escape.  She is also attached to her younger sister, who she can't just leave behind.  


The events of Panic themselves range from what would appear to be a typical teen prank to downright terrifying, and you almost have a tangible sense of fear for the players.  The book should almost come with a don't try this at home warning.


This was my first book by Lauren Oliver, but maybe I'll finally get around to picking up Delirium now.